“Use drones legally and effectively”

Our Enterprise solutions will assist you with all your drone requirements and help you integrate and marry the new technology with your current operations.

We will do a thorough audit of all you process and technology and will provide you with a solution to use drones legally and effectively with in your company.

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“Hardware, Software and Systems requirements”

Our Enterprise Solutions experts can assist with the following:

Hardware, Software and Systems requirements

Change Management – Manage and integration of new technology into your current system. Consult on all Policies and Procedures, including training and support.

Fleet Management – Minimized operational disruptions and down through proven maintenance support services.

Information Systems – Management of data and information is vital to ensure a competitive edge.

Recording of all flight operations to stay compliant.

Legal requirements – Assist with all legal requirements through industry experts.

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“Achieve optimal outcome”

EasyUAV have successfully integrated more than 100 Drone systems into various industries throughout Africa.

Your success is our success.

We will ensure that your Drone system is used and maintained to achieve optimal outcome.

Our highly skilled teams will ensure that you achieve more with your system than ever imagined.

Let us help you achieve more with your system.

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Join our growing partner network

We have one of the largest and most resourceful networks of specialists in the field of UAV’s in agriculture, surveying and more…